Calligraphy Envelope Addressing Service done by hand.

We have included this information for clients who wish to employ this service to help explain the process a bit.

Hand calligraphing guests names on envelopes is not done quickly,
as if writing out an envelope to send to a friend or utility company.
It takes time!

When Addressing Envelopes with Calligraphy, the following criteria has to be considered;

  • Paper has to be tested
  • Envelopes need to be made from high quality, smooth paper.
  • Lower quality papers can cause inks to bleed and feather
  • Everything has to be measured, aligned or centered so that lettering and lines are spaced evenly
  • Dark colored or Black envelopes take longer to calligraph,  as they require opaque ink which tends to be thicker. (eg; White or Metallic inks) .
  • White and Metallic inks tend to be more difficult to work with due to their viscosity. This creates more time needed per project.


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