If you prefer to discuss your project by phone, please email us first,
so that we can set up a Phone Appointment for your consultation.
Please review pricing before your appointment.
Projects book  quickly.
Please keep this in mind to insure that you may reserve the time for your project.
Because each project is done by hand and deserves full time and attention, Lorise takes on a limited amount of  selected Calligraphy and Design projects each year. 
Our belief is quality over quantity.
In addition to calligraphy, we offer custom watercolor and illustration designs for invitation suites, birth announcements, logos, monograms, crests, certificates,  personal and business stationery and fine art lettering.
Quotes are to be provided once the exact nature and details of the project is determined.
Additional fees may be incurred if the client's initial requests change during the production of the work.
Minimum set up fee for any calligraphy project. $50.00 (US dollars)
Custom Designs require a 50% (percent) reservation deposit fee before work can begin.
This fee reserves your place which is set aside for your project in the work calendar, is non refundable, and will be deducted from the total amount.
Balance to be paid upon the beginning date of work on your project.
We accept all major credit cards via PayPal, an invoice will be sent via email summarizing the details in writing.
Quoted price and turnaround time is contingent on artists approval and quality of paper, if it is to be supplied by the client (eg: will the paper accept the nib, ink, etc.). It is the clients responsibility if supplying paper, materials, to ship contents in appropriate packing, so that it arrives in good workable condition.
Black, White, Gold, Silver, Sepia available.
If you desire an ink color not listed here, please inquire in the Comments section on the Contact Us page.
If the ink color is available, we'll notify you.
There will  be an additional fee of $25.00, for any ink color we do not normally offer.
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2018 RATES
(shipping fees including insurance, are extra, to be determined at time of preparation for mailing)
ART-DESIGN (Custom) starting at $150.00.
INVITATION SUITES (Custom) Total 3 pieces including Invitation, Reception, RSVP
starting at $500.00 (additional pieces available, priced upon request).
Please Contact Us for a custom quote. After fees are discussed and agreed upon, you will receive an invoice summarizing the details in writing.
PLEASE be as specific as possible, regarding your projects needs, eg;
Type of Event
Date of Event
Type of Calligraphy item you need (eg; Invitation, place Cards, etc)
Quantity of items needed
Theme/Color Preferences/ Style Ideas
Color Preferences (paper, ink, etc.)
Hand written and flourished, Calligraphy Place Cards and Escort Cards make it easy for your guests to locate their seating, while adding elegance to your tables. Choose your ink color and whether you would like the Table Numbers included. (One name, per card)
Black Ink $2.25 per card, other available inks colors - ad .25 cents per card.
If requesting a Table number to be included - add  .25 ct cents per card
Hand written and flourished, approx. 2" x 3 " Tag.
White Card Stock, with Black Ink- starting at $2.25 per Tag
Black Card Stock, with White or Gold Ink - starting at $2.50 per Tag
Tags come with Metallic Silver or Gold color Stretch cord, please specify.
Calligraphy Table Number Cards to enhance the tablescapes at your next special event and make it easy for your guests to find their seating location.
5" x 7 " size suitable for ready made frames!
These Table Cards can be written to your own preference.
Available single sided card or tented (signage on one or both sides).
Table One
Table 1
Please Note: Signage that needs to be hand calligraphed on both sides of the card will be doubled in price.
Black Ink $10.00 per card, other available inks colors - add .25 cents per card, one side.
White Paper included in price.
Black Paper - add .25 cents per card
(If client supplies envelopes): Calligraphy Envelope Guest Addressing for Response Cards, Wedding Invitations,  Letters, etc.
All done by hand. 
Also available with extra flourishes and art for an additional fee, to be discussed depending on detail needs and requirements.
Please Contact Us with any questions regarding additional options for envelopes, so that we can provide you with  a custom quote.
White Envelopes with Black Ink, start at $4.50, other available inks colors - add .50 cents per Envelope
Colored Envelopes, add $1.75 per envelope
Address Centering, add $1.00 per envelope
(If we supply envelopes): Same fees apply as above, plus cost of envelopes, to be discussed depending on type, size, color, etc.
Black Ink $5.75
White/Gold Ink $6.75
EXTRA ENVELOPES/PAPER (if applicable):
Please include the standard industry request of 15-20% extra envelopes, paper (if you'll be supplying your own) in event of misspellings, additions, changes, ink splatters,etc.
Please type your Names (eg; for Place Cards) or Addresses (eg; for envelope addressing) in a Microsoft Word DOC file.
Lists can be submitted via email.
Sorry but spreadsheets can NOT be accepted.
Format the list(s) exactly the way you want the place cards, envelopes, etc. to be written out (eg; if you use abbreviations such as St. instead of Street) that is the exact way we will be calligraphing them.
Be sure to proof your list prior to sending it to help insure that every name is spelled correctly. 
Having a second set of eyes to view your list before sending it can also deter misspellings.
Calligraphy engraved onto a custom Maple Block Rubber Stamp with Foam. Requires a separate ink pad which can be used with any ink color!

1" x 3" (one name, first and last name or business name - single line) $45.00
2" x 4" Return Address ( 3 lines) $55.00

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PRINTING / HOT FOIL (for in Stock Designs) (pricing below in dollar amounts, [eg; 85 = $85.00] does NOT include the Custom Commission rates shown above)

Printed on Crane Card Stock or Linen paper; please specify.
Please note that Linen paper cannot be hot foiled.
Free blank envelopes (White) are provided for Invitations, RSVP, and Thank You cards.
Specify Smooth or Linen.
Add $1.05 per envelope, if Liners are requested.
Hot Foiling limitations may apply.

Printing Prices for Wedding Invitations, Save The Dates, Response, Reception, Thank You Cards, Menus

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We ship via USPS.

Please double check your "Bill To" and "Ship To"address.

Shipping costs, including insurance (and NY state sales tax, if applicable) are determined after the project has been packed and weighed and is in accordance to current USPS rates.

Priority Mail via USPS can take  up to 4 days depending on where you are located and weather conditions.  This is just an estimated shipping time via USPS.
We are on the East Coast, in the state of New York,  so shipments sent to the Western part of the US may arrive a day or two later than those orders shipped closer to us.
We STRONGLY suggest that you place your order as early as possible.

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Any errors occurred by us, will be corrected at no cost to you.
Errors made by the client, due to typos, changes to your list, etc. will be charged the usual rate.
Lorise normally stays booked 4-6 weeks in advance. We normally do NOT suggest/accept rush orders, simply due to the fact that calligraphy and design is done by hand and is therefore timely.
If you need a rush order and have not booked the time, please contact us to see if it is possible to accommodate your request within the time requirements.
Please note:  if it is possible to take on your project, there will be a 35% charge for the rush order.
If a Project has been booked and the client is not ready at the scheduled time, we may be able to offer one of three options (depending on our schedule and availability); rescheduling your project for another date, or if the project becomes much closer to it's actual required "event date", incurring a Rush Fee, or lastly cancelling the project, thereby forfeiting the Reservation fee.
All artwork remains the property of and it's designer, unless otherwise stated, and are subject to Copyright Laws.
Price quotations are provided once the exact nature of the project is determined.
Additional fees may be incurred if the client's initial requests change during the production of the work.
You may not reproduce or sell any of our products,  in whole or in any part without written permission. Artist and/or  retains the copyright of any commissioned work and reserves the right at their discretion to use custom-designed pieces for  display, reproductions; including for future sales purposes  and/or promotional advertising.
By placing an order you acknowledge that you have read, understand and abide by this agreement.

Contact us to discuss your needs ... we'll walk you through it!

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